DJ RoyBoy

I discovered my love for music when I was a young teenager growing up in Los Angeles, California. My DJ career began in the bedroom of my parents house around the time when Hip-Hop was earning it's golden years.

I'm thankful to come from a large, culturally rich family. This gave me loads of musical depth. Along with food, music was always a big part of our family events. As a teenager, I started out DJ'ing family weddings and many other gatherings. I honed my skills using mismatch turntables and a mixer from Radio Shack. These were the years that shaped my musical character.

Playing music has always been my passion and life long dedication. With an accomplished career spanning over two decades, I've seen music touch people in many ways. It has the power to motivate, it has the power to heal and it inspires to the soul. I'm honored to be a DJ. 

Throughout my career, I've been blessed to share the stage with many talented people and celebrities alike. I'm thankful for the adventures and profound impact that music has had on my life.

I currently DJ in nightclubs and special event venues in Seattle and surrounding areas. I also hold weekly residencies on KUBE 93.3FM and The Bridge 88.9FM.